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Complete Marketing Resources, Inc. is a full-service marketing and advertising company providing your company with a virtual Marketing Department while decreasing costs and increasing market share performance.  Each business is unique with individual goals so there is no one size fits all solution. Evaluating your marketing plan to streamline costs and increase profitability while making it a pleasant process for the client is a wonderfully challenging honor for me. Your marketing plan should include your advertising plan but also includes the entire customer experience, as there are opportunities every step of the way to impact their choices. Every business can benefit from talking with an advertising professional. The first discussion is at no charge, and the process will save you time and money with CMR, Inc.  We are cost-effective and provide a complete team advantage to our clients by including an entire marketing team to the client with marketing professionals, graphic designers, programmers, website designers, and commercial printing savings!  Our terms are easy, one flat hourly rate based on the services and time you need with a monthly retainer and we pass on ALL savings to the client with an annual contract. We are selective and exclusive offering the client a non-compete agreement for the term of the contract.  CMR will reduce costs and increase ROI.   Some of our marketing clients include.

Ershig Properties.  This is a corporation with multiple properties and dynamics under one umbrella covering many communities and the goal is to grow revenue - streamline operations - control dynamics as well as to focus on their online platform.

E&M Heating and Air Conditioning  This heritage company had been family owned and operated for 40 years with a large team covering a large segment of the market for air conditioning, heating, water heater, plumbing and septic tank installations - repairs - maintenance.  Their focus was on customer service, and their goal in working with CMR, Inc. was to grow their market share, decrease costs and increase efficiency so that they could concentrate on running their business.  Their website redesign and search engine optimization were one of many areas of focus for us.  We were able to:
- Fix their online profile with GOOGLE and the other directories (they were listed across town as a trailer vs. their corporate office)
- Increase market share in Hopkins County Kentucky
- Decrease costs in marketing, streamlining others for more effective use
- Utilized more of their coop dollars that they had not used in the past.

Steele Saddle by Custom Tree & Saddle  This company provides custom trail riding saddles that are renown throughout the equine world for excellence.  CMR, Inc. was chosen to provide their online marketing specifically and assist in their other marketing needs.  Their new website aggressively works as an online shopping program and ties directly into their active social media program which has grown from 458 followers to more than 14,000 in 3 years.
- Increased market share dramatically
- Decreased costs and increased sales
- More partnerships with other vendors made available
- Streamlined their online sales and purchase process

Mayes Coatings & Insulation  We worked with MC&I Inc. to brand and launch their custom manufactured RIDGLOK® coating for large industrial storage tanks across the USA.  CMR provided the Marketing - Advertising - Website Design for both MC&I and RIDGLOK®.  Their business is now ranked page one for multiple search engine inquiries for their industry. We also worked on their logo, built marketing materials for distribution to clients for their new product line and developed the new website for that product.  
- Market pieces for new product line for multiple market applications
- New website and market growth for RIDLOK
- Increased business quote requests
- Streamlined operations

Merle Norman Cosmetics, Madisonville  We worked extensively with Merle Norman Madisonville over the years on multiple marketing products and programs from newsletters, to special sales, placing marketing, cost analysis, and more. 

Pennyrile Area District Development Corporation new PEN (Pennyrile Entrepreneurial Network)  We were part of the entire process from planning and development for their new website platform to brand development.  As an entrepreneur myself, I found this project both challenging and exciting to work on.  It was available for 4 years while the grant provided funding for the program and incentives within the program for entrepreneurs.
- Project was building a business entrepreneur site where a FREE Business Plan could be found & growth assistance found in economic development.
- Multi-county approach in Western Kentucky.
- All area projrams participated in the launch and creation of the program.

Complete Marketing Resources, Inc. is a full-service marketing and advertising company providing your company with a virtual Marketing Department while decreasing costs and increasing market share performance.  Each business is unique with individual goals so there is no one size fits all solution. Evaluating your marketing plan to streamline costs and increase profitability while making it a pleasant process for the client is a wonderfully challenging honor for me. Your marketing plan should include your advertising plan but also includes the entire customer experience, as there are opportunities every step of the way to impact their choices. Every business can benefit from talking with an advertising professional. The first discussion is at no charge, and the process will save you time and money with CMR, Inc.

What are my costs and how does your team work?

Your goal in advertising is to brand your product or service as the number one choice for the consumer while building business that pays for the advertising and increases your profit margin. The problem with advertising for the general business person is where to place it and how to measure it first and secondary to decide what to advertise along with a reasonable budget.  With CMR, Inc. as your Marketing Team, you pay for the hours we work based on your business needs and goals. Hourly Base Rate is $119  ||  40 Hours Plus Monthly $99 

First take your business and decide?

  • Where will you pull your clients from?  What is the client profile?  Not their age, sex and habits.
  • Where do you feel the center of your market area is, and where is the outside areas?  What area would you prefer to saturate first?
  • What is the profit margin for the product you are advertising and how many do you need to sell to recoup your advertising investment?
  • What are your goals from your advertising?  Do you want to sell a product today or build knowledge and desire for a new product or service?
  • Do you need to establish branding preference in the market place, and if so, do you have a brand that is easily recognizable that is ready to launch?  
  • Do you have a regional market or local market, as your advertising placement will depend on this, as will your budget?

Who are you as a business? 

  • Your Products and Services offered?  What is exceptional about them?
  • Location can be key in determining your advertising placement and effectiveness. 
  • Traffic Count:   What is your traffic count, and is your current sign visual and effective?  Can you enhance it with banners for specials?  Is there any way to make it more visible?
  • Parking Lot and Lighting:   Once the customer comes to your location, is parking a problem?  For after dark shopping, is the lighting good?  If your traffic count is high, are you taking advantage of your signage after dark with lighting?
  • Floor Plan / Display:  Are you taking advantage of your floor space well? How is your display system? Are the products you advertised showcased with cross sell options for other like products nearby or are they hard to locate?
  • What is the feel of your business when the customer comes in?  Welcoming staff, clean display, customer service aspects, presentation of employees themselves?
  • Hours of operation:  Have you considered the times you are opened for optimum advantage?  Are they hours you could or would shop for the same product or service?  Are there any special events that you could take advantage of by opening special hours?
  • What is your experience in the market, and who are your competitors?
  • Business Plan as a whole?   Do you have any sales peaks or special events?

What is the current Top of Mind franchise? When the client thinks of your product or services, who comes to mind first?

  • Top 3 competitors for your product both locally and regionally?
  • Where do they advertise? How often? What is their message of choice? What can you offer that is competitive? What sets you apart?

Social Media Integration is effective and can be easy

Using social networks (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn) is not only one of today's hottest marketing tools, but utilizing social media to monitor and manage online reputations is essential for any business. The issue is keeping it manageable and making it work with your website and not independent of it. Your website is the center of your online marketing campaign and should be treated as such. Check your business with a search engine and you will often find that your Facebook page comes up before your website, which is counterproductive and an easy, affordable fix.

Simply add a small Content Management Tool to your website and set the program to feed your news, specials and information to your social media platforms. 

Facebook offers the opportunity to customize your page, and that is money well spent as the Facebook fans for your page will see that portion. Your first line of text should be the key offer or reason to read the rest of the information as it is where you catch their attention, and with a CMT, they will be directed straight to your website for the added information, specials, coupons or helpful tips. 

YouTube offers the option to customize a page and is a great way to enhance your website with real time clips of events and product tutorials that can be embedded in your website to feed to the social media programs. If you are not using it currently, consider doing so.

Twitter is dependent on area and topic and is a basic program that in some areas is catching on well but offers no customization. I recommend it as an additional feed, however, not as a pivotal point at this juncture.

LinkedIn is a program that all professionals should be using at this point to showcase their expertise and business links. It serves well, and you will note we did use it on our website.  It can be a major source of information and networking and is limited to business professionals.

What are online marketing costs?  Factors to consider:

Rates are generally very affordable with any advertising online and provide frequency plus the ability to direct the online user to a specific page or message on your website so you can get creative. You should be able to change your message to suit the events and needs of your business and use your online advertising as part of any campaign you are promoting with other media options. Your online website marketing plan can include the use photos, video, radio and graphics that reflects your other advertising. Remember, this is not one dimensional — online marketing provides the opportunity for you to get a response from the potential customer and for them to find out more about a product or service you provide.

You can use your website as a marketing tool to increase traffic to your website and your business itself. First as with all answers is your website one you want to market? You have to look at the website as a store front and you want traffic. You need Top of Mind Franchise for the consumer both locally and online to be effective and grow your business. Include your website online information in all your advertising to include billboards, radio, print, business cards, email signatures. Ensure your website has excellent Search Engine Optimization to allow for natural traffic growth. 

Advertise with websites that have large traffic counts and keep in mind message, message, and message! Ask them what their traffic count is (Unique IP Address numbers, Pages Read). On website advertising your ad will have more views monthly and allow the potential client the opportunity to find out more and contact you so keep in mind your ad is 3 dimensional. The piece should be good graphically but simple as you will need to capture their attention in 4 to 8 seconds. You can often use two ads to rotate in that time frame.

Put your website on your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin accounts. Build a Facebook and Twitter account for your business. If you are updating your site with a WordPress, Joomla!, or another content management system, be sure it feeds TO your social media accounts and use it often. You have to create movement.

Google Ad Words, Facebook Ads are great for those who want to create traffic for their website and can be done on a pay-per-click basis where you decide the budget and tie in with key words or phrases if you do not have natural traffic or search results.

What are major factors to consider in determining my online marketing approach?

1.  Business Growth: Where do you want your business to grow? What types of customers are the most profitable for you?  
2.  Goals for the Target Audience: Who should the website serve and what are the goals for each group?  
3.  Success Factors: What will be the measures of success of this project?  
4.  Return on Investment (ROI): Which post-launch services will effectively serve your website’s needs? Optimized Press Releases? Search Engine Optimization? Pay-Per-Click?  
5.  Existing Branding: Pull together all of your media pieces from print to radio and television and compare your message and branding of your business. Is it the same?  Is the message clear? Does it provide the potential customer with a solution to their issue? Allow response from the potential customer?
6.  Redesign Pitfalls: How do we avoid confusing your legacy clients or even the search engines with your new site if you decide a complete overhaul in look and layout are necessary?  
7.  Current Site Statistics: What is the current traffic results for your website? What pages or information are accessed most often? What key words are associated with your site?  What is your site ranking with major search engines? Where do you want your rankings to be?   
8.  Online/Offline Marketing Strategies: Are your advertising and marketing efforts "Webcentric?" Or is it easy to follow and simply needs to be more results driven to suit your business goals?
9.  REPUTATION MANAGEMENT: Do you have any?  What is your total online profile and is it consistant?  Are you in control of your reputation or is it "open for discussion and a takeover?"

What will a Marketing Professional Cost?

Actually, a Marketing Professional will typically save you money as they can negotiate a marketing plan that will be efficient and increase your sales at an hourly rate cost here at CMR, Inc. is much lower than the industry standard, however, we offer a "complete" marketing platform with commercial printing, logo wear, signage, and website design as well.   CMR, Inc. has a unique approach as we charge a flat hourly rate based on the amount of services - time you require monthly with a retainer and we pass on any savings to you as well as provide a 15% discount on any printing products that we have access to at a lower rate than your other providers.

My policy is that the initial discussion will cost you nothing and you will come away from the conversation with a better understanding of your options and a few tips on how to streamline your marketing either way.  I look forward to earning your business and hearing your other questions on marketing.   Give me a call today and let's get started!
Marion M Miller, President (270) 245-2365  |  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Our Graphic Designers

Our team of award-winning Graphic Designers will put a professional look on any marketing piece you have creating a "total" look to your advertising plan that is unique to your products and services.  Whether you are looking for a complete identity for your business starting with a new logo or building from a design you already have.  Make your dream a reality with the team here at Complete Marketing Resources, Inc.   Rates:  $119/hour with a minimum of 1.5-hours on any project. 

Kate Stanley, Graphic Design Graduate - Website Design

Graphic Design graduate from the University of Mississippi. This young lady is the recipient of the coveted ADDY Award for 2010 South Eastern Region Best in ADDY - Best of Show (the excursion)  ADDY - 1st Place Mixed Media, 2nd. She also received 2nd place - typography at the USM student show (dream, explore, discover).  She has numerous other best of show and award-winning work and is the real shining star behind the launch of this company as with her all things were possible.  Some of her work was recently on display in Chicago and her talent knows no bounds.  Her work inspired me and I am proud to say she is my daughter as well. You will see her work in many of our projects.   She also had a successful company NPro Studio in Natchez MS before settling here with us at CMR Inc and still keeps her hands occupied off hours with custom key cap desigs with Omniclectic!

Alec Peeples, Graphic Design

Alec has been doing design work for CMR, Inc. since before the doors officially opened and has taught graphics in Bangkok while on sabbatical in 2014 and still worked for us here stateside.  He brings a unique perspective and a clean design that works well with our website partners.  Several of the logos featured on our websites and within community projects are his work. 

Cora Lee, Graphic Design

Cora has a deep desire to expand her graphic design skills and is new to our team with lots of ideas and enthusiasm as well as a great portfolio!  Her website had amazing designs on them and we are excited to see her vivid lines and eclectic style on our websites and client projects!


Complete Marketing Resources, Inc. (CMR, Inc.) specializes in online marketing, consulting, award-winning and functional website design, search engine optimization (SEO), and proprietary content management programming while providing measurable savings and results.  

Expect great customer service, fair pricing, and a unique viewpoint.  We look at each project with the goals set to achieve results, stay on budget, deliver on time, and most importantly streamline your expenses. Each job is exciting and unique so we work hard to deliver results and the result is a growing business with great customer referrals and testimonials.  Read Testimonials  

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