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I am living the dream and enjoying every minute as owner and President of CMR, Inc. where my job is to make it EASY for your business to grow while decreasing costs! I have been very effective at doing both throughout my 24+ years of marketing experience because I believe in a strong work ethic, delivering on promises, and I always look at the expense as if I were paying the costs. Today we have achieved many goals. TOP 20 Government Website 2016 with the Department of Labor & Department of Health & Human Resources in the same Top 20! TOP 10 Automotive Website for 2 years. The cover of Ratchet & Wrench Magazine and recommended by JASPER Engines who has been Number ONE in engine and transmission remanufacturing for 75 years to assist their automotive garage partners nationwide with their online marketing.

MY BACKGROUND: I've worked in radio as the sales & marketing manager for 6 radio stations, helped West Kentucky Bank branch out over multiple counties building 3 new facilities to become a top 10 financial institution in Kentucky and worked with an automotive dealership who had 6 vehicle lines in a tristate market area. In 2008, I built my first company,, a purely local online newspaper focused on SEO and local news. We were featured on CNN Nancy Grace, Nightline, Metro Nashville and Evansville TV stations, and picked up by We were ranked ONE in all search engines within 9 months. I then sold my stock launching CMR, Inc. June 2011 to provide a complete marketing - advertising option for those who do not have one.

CMR, Inc. has built some outstanding specialty programming products such as our CMR EasyNews adding articles in 3 steps with multiple photos, pdf files, and embedded You Tube videos. There is no one size fits all so we customize our approach to fit your business. Consider CMR, Inc. for full marketing consulting, advertising placement, budget analysis, website design, custom graphics, and specialty programming. I promise you will find my team is energizing, intuitive, proven, and we simply enjoy what we do! - Marion M Miller, President CMR, Inc.
Kate graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi in 2011 where she obtained a BFA in Graphic Design. Kate has numerous best of show and award-winning work and is the real shining star behind the launch of this company, as with her all things are possible and are dynamic as well as intuitive. Her graphic design skill is exceptional and she has inspired me to keep moving forward and thinking ahead. I am proud to say she is my daughter as well. You will see her work in many of our projects. She is a board member and the Vice President in charge of all Graphics & Website Design here at CMR, Inc.

NOTE: Our mascot Noodle lives with her and keeps her straight!
• 1st PLACE CPRAM • Brochure - Theatre Mailer
• BEST OF SHOW ADDY • "The Excursion"
• 1st PLACE ADDY • Mixed Media - "The Excursion"
• 1st PLACE CPRAM • viewbook - Admissions Travel Guide
• 2nd PLACE CPRAM • Single Entry Artwork - Theatre Season Posters
• 2nd PLACE CPRAM • Direct Mail Pieces - Admissions Direct Mail

The Google Force Is Strong With This One

You can call Jessica a modern-day Jedi; she will help bring your Internet presence out of the dark side. Graduating from Murray State University with a Bachelor’s in Business Management she took on a Management position for a Sprint Store in Paducah, KY. In those 3 years, Jessica trained her employees on the importance of working hard and listening to your customers. Jessica has been in sales and delivering top-notch customer services for over 10 years and continues to grow her skills every day!

We brought Jessica on as an Account Executive, because her primary focus is to put the customer first and is dedicated to client’s company growth. If you ever have an issue give her a Batman she will answer. Jessica is committed, honest, and is ready to guide your business into the 21st century.

It’s not who you are off-line, but what is online that defines you. Be in control of your online presence.
Alec has worked been with CMR Inc since we opened the doors. Originally from Madisonville, Alec received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Technology and Jazz Studies from Bellarmine University. Alec then went on to pursue his passion of exploring the world by living in Asia and working for CMR remotely for 4 years. While in Asia he also worked as IT Coordinator, and was in charge of A/V for one of Southeast Asia's most popular TV production studios.

Alec has now moved back to the CMR headquarters and we couldn't be happier. He has an adventurous spirit and brings a unique perspective to our team, which helps us obtain creative results. You can give him any task and consider it done which is always amazing! To have his generous soul as part of the team is simply a bonus.
Zack graduated in 2014 from Western Kentucky University with a Bachelor of Science in CIT. From Programming to Technical Support there is no end to this man's talents. We are fortunate to have him on the team. Many of the custom sites in our portfolio have been created by Zack. What he does with our technical support for your business often goes unnoticed but is a crucial part of getting the job done. Every website project starts and ends at his desk. He is also the programmer behind our CMR Easy News Program, which makes it as easy as sending an email to add content and photos to your website.
Carri came to CMR, Inc. in June 2017. She has Bachelor's Degree in Political Science with a Psychology minor and 30 hours of Graduate classes in Human Services. Carri is looking forward to learning more in the tech field world while keeping up with bookkeeping and helping keep our office running smoothly. She loves spending time with her son and her "Happy Place" is Walt Disney World!
Chase believes in a world where everyone has access to the information they need, in which simpler times meet modern conveniences, and where form is just as important as function.

Originally from Madisonville, KY, Chase is currently pursuing two BA degrees from Northern Kentucky University, and is following his passion of making functional things beautiful by studying art through web design alongside science through information technology While in school, Chase furthered his professional career through employment in various fields, including web design, career counseling, and the internet-of-things; all of this before he landed at CMR and fell in love with the critically acclaimed web marketing company in his home town.

If you can’t find Chase behind his computer keeping up with the newest developments in technology, you’ll probably find him outside on his family’s farm, practicing martial arts, or trying to climb a tree he hasn’t scaled before.

"Computing is not about computers any more. It is about living." -Nicholas Negroponte